(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. mane (see hair); filament;bit, inch (see narrowness, nearness).
Body-covering filament
1. hair; head of hair, mop, mane, crop of hair, thatch, shock; gray, silver or white hair (see oldness); cowlick, forelock; tresses, locks, ringlet; eyelashes, eyebrows; body hair, underarm hair, chest hair.
2. beard, chin whiskers, facial hair, five o'clock shadow, stubble, three days' growth; down, peach fuzz; full beard, Fu Manchu, imperial beard, dundrearies, Vandyke, Abe Lincoln, whiskers, sideburns, sidelocks, side whiskers, tuft, burnsides, muttonchops, goatee, stubble; mustache, handlebar mustache, walrus mustache. Slang, weepers.
3. wig, wiglet, toupee, peruke, hairpiece, postiche, ramillie, bagwig; fall, switch. Slang, rug, lace curtains, artificial turf.
a. hairstyle, coiffure, hairdo, haircut, permanent wave, set, styling; Afro, artichoke, back combed, bangs, beehive, [coquette or windblown] bob, bouffant, [fishtail or French] braid, brush cut, bun, butch, buzz cut, chignon, coil, conk, cornrows, crew cut, crimp, curls, DA, dreadlocks, ducktail, feathercut, finger wave, flattop, fluff, French knot or twist, fringe, frisette, frizz, fuzz cut, knot, layered cut, lovelock, marcel, mo-hawk, moptop, natural, pageboy, peyes, pigtail, pixie, pompadour, pony-tail, pouf, Prince Valiant, process, psyche knot, queue, quiff, razor cut, roach, shingle, spikes, spit curl, swirl, tail, tonsure, topknot, updo, upsweep, widow's peak. Informal, perm. Slang, grass, naps, moss, cornrolls, conk, B-52, do, duck's ass, burr cut, fade; jarhead, skinhead.
b. hair color, coloring; [natural, strawberry, platinum, peroxide or bleached] blond[e], brunet[te], tortoiseshell, redhead, towhead; blaze, frosting, streaking, tint.
5. pubic hair. Slang, bush, Downshire, fluff, plush, scut.
6. hirsuteness, hairiness, shagginess, furriness, fleeciness, wooliness.
7. (animals) fur, pelt, fleece, coat, mane, camel's hair, horsehair; feeler, antenna; plumage, feathers (see birds).
8. (plants) awn, arista, brush, pile.
9. barber, [hair]stylist, hairdresser, friseur; curler, curling iron, hair dryer, diffuser, hair net, hair spray; hair remover, depilatory.
Verbs — cut, style, perm, coiffure], wave, wash, pleach, tease, braid, corn-row, comb, brush; tint, tone, color, bleach.
1. hairy, hirsute, shaggy, furry, bushy, tufty, fleecy, woolly; bristly (see roughness); crinose, pubescent, ciliate, hispid; clean-cut, close-cropped, ratted, shorn, teased, tousled; bearded, bewhiskered; unshaven, stubbly; goateed; wigged, toupeed. Slang, mossy, kinky, nappy.
2. feathery, downy; tufted, pinnate, feathered, plumed, crested.
Quotations — The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair ( John Milton), Oh they're taking him to prison for the color of his hair (A. E. Housman), Never trust a man who combs his hair straight from the left armpit (Alice Roosevelt Longworth).
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Threadlike growth]
Syn. locks, tresses, wig, moustache, whiskers, eyebrow, eyelash, thatch, sideburn, down, tress, wool, shock, mane, filament, fluff; see also beard , fur .
2. [One threadlike growth]
Syn. whisker, cilium, bristle, vibrissa, striga, villus; see also fiber 1 , thread .
3. [Anything suggesting the thickness of a hair]
Syn. filament, strand, thread, fiber, a hairbreadth, a narrow margin, whisker, nose, hair trigger, hairspring, splinter, shaving, sliver; see also bit 3 .
get in one's hair*,
Syn. irritate, annoy, disturb; see bother 2 .
have by the short hairs*,
Syn. have at one's mercy, victimize, have over a barrel*; see defeat 1 .
let one's hair down*,
Syn. relax, be informal, have fun, let oneself go; see relax 1 .
make one's hair stand on end,
Syn. terrify, scare, horrify; see frighten 1 .
split hairs,
Syn. quibble, cavil, nag; see fight 1 .
to a hair,
Syn. precisely, perfectly, right in every detail; see exactly .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
locks, mane, tress, down, *mop, fur, strand, tuft, curls, fuzz, fringe, bristle, whiskers. ''The only thing that will really prevent baldness.''—Drew Berkowitz.
African-American, puffy, 1960s, 1970s: Afro
arrange: coif, set, style, perm
auburn dye: henna
back comb: tease
bald crown surrounded by ring of fringe: tonsure
bald: glabrous
baldness, common: male pattern baldness
band: filet, snood
beehive-like style of 1950s, 1960s: beehive
bowl-like: Beatle cut, *Moe
braided rows close to head: cornrows
braid: plait, cue, cueue, pigtail, tress, fishbone braid, French braid
colors: ash, ash blond, auburn, black, bleach blond, blond, blue-gray, brown, brunet, carrot, chestnut, cinnamon, coal black, cocoa, copper, dusky, fair-haired, fiery, flaxen, frosted, ginger, golden, gray, grizzled, hoary, honey, jet-black, nutbrown, nutmeg, peroxide blond, platinum blond, polished wood, premature gray, raven, russet, rust, sable, salt and pepper, silver, snowy, strawberry blond, tawny, technicolor (dyed, punk), titian, towheaded, violent red, washed out, white
curl: ringlet, corkscrew
curled-ends style with bangs: flip
curl pressed against face with saliva: spit curl
curly like a poodle: poodle cut
cut short: crop
Dorothy Hamill style of 1970s: wedge
ducktail-like style of 1950s: ducktail
fake: toupee, *rug, wig, implant
forehead fringe: bangs
graying, premature: poliosis
hairy, abnormally: hirsute, hirsutism
high sweep of hair combed back from forehead: pompadour
Jamaican braids: dreadlocks, Rastafarian dreadlocks, dreads
knot: chignon, bob, bun
mass, tangled or bushy: shock
matted, tangled hairs: elflocks
neck hairs: hackles
point of hair tapering to forehead: widow’s peak
puffed-out mass, style: bouffant
punk: mohawk, porcupine, spiked, shaved, dyed
remove: epilate, depilate, bob
remover: depilatory, electrolysis
roll: bun, chignon shaved trails in a slanted or sculpted buzz
cut: *fade, *gumby
short haircut for men: buzz, flattop, crew cut, butch, *fade
short haircut for women: bob
short on sides, nearly shoulder-length in back: mullet
standing cone ending in ponytail: empire cone
stick-up tuft: cowlick
straight-cut style with bangs: page boy
textures: billowing, bouncy, bristly, bushy, coarse, cornsilk, crimped, crinkly, dollish, downy, eiderdown, fine (baby fine), fleecy, flowing, flyaway, frazzled, frizzy, fuzzy, greasy, kinky, knotted, lacquered, listless, lustrous, luxurious, matted, nappy, oily, rat’s nest, rigid, ropey, satiny, shaggy, shocked, silky, snarled, stringy (like twine), thatched, wispy, withered, wizened, woolly.
waves style: marcel
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun A slight amount or indication: breath, dash, ghost, hint, intimation, semblance, shade, shadow, soupgon, streak, suggestion, suspicion, taste, tinge, touch, trace, whiff, whisper. Informal: whisker. See BIG, SHOW.

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